Kendo armor specifications – Do –


Kendo armor have various specifications.

It reflects the commitment and ingenuity of the creator, but it's also interesting to think about your favorite specifications of the kendo armor.

Please use this article as a reference when you purchase kendo armor.

Do-dai (lower part of Do) -material-

Take-do (bamboo)

Made of bamboo and cowhide, it is a traditional and rare Do-dai.

Since the surface is lacquered, the resin Do has a beauty that cannot be imitated, and even when viewed from the back, it has a unique texture.
There are quite a few people who say, “Take-do should be used for Tezashi armor!”


Do-dai made of resin is light and inexpensive.

Other than black, it's made of colored resin, so the texture is inferior to that of lacquered Take-do.


This Do-dai is made by stacking and compressing special papers, and the surface can be coated with lacquer to create a texture that is comparable to that of a Take-do.

I'd like you to stick to Take-do for the black body (and Kiji-do), but other than that, you can keep your budget down if you use this specification.

Do-dai -coloring-


Black colored do is the most formal specification.

It can be worn in any situation without feeling uncomfortable, and it can be said that one is a kendo armor that you want to have.

Lacquer that has been polished to a mirror-like finish is called "Ro-iro".


Colored lacquer is usually applied over the cowhide, but kiji-do is the one with nothing or nearly transparent lacquer.
This is a specification that is unique to Take-do.

Leather is a natural material and each piece has its own individuality, so there are many enthusiasts who like the texture that makes the most of it.

There is an imitation in the fiber-do, but it's still far from the texture of leather.

Color variations

Each manufacturer offers Do in a variety of colors and patterns.
Since it's worn and used, it's desirable to use it according to the situation, just like fashion.

Do-mune (upper part of Do) -material-

Temomi-kurozan (hand-rolled Kurozan)

It's a leather material made by processing cowhide by many manual processes, and it has strength and wonderful beauty.

Due to the popularization of inexpensive machined Krozan and the decrease in the number of users who are particular about the material, production has decreased significantly, and it's now a very difficult material to obtain.

The situation may change if many Kendo practitioners want such traditional and high-value items.

Machined Krozan

It's a material that has a wrinkle pattern on the surface of the leather called "Shibo", which is not hand-made but machine-made.

It's inexpensive and has a stable supply, and is the most common specification in modern times.

Even if you say "Machined" in one word, the beauty of the appearance changes greatly depending on how much effort is put into it, and there is a wide range of prices.

Other materials

There are cowhide, deerskin, artificial leather, Orizashi, etc., and there are various colors such as navy blue and white.

If you have the most orthodox Kurozan-mune and black Do-dai combination, it would be interesting to get these specs.

Do-mune -decoration-

There are various decorations for Do-mune, and it's a good idea to choose according to your preference.

However, I wouldn't recommend anything out of the ordinary or flashy.

In addition, it's said that it's desirable to match the decoration called "shokkou" with colored threads with the Ago of Men.


It's the part that protects the armpits, and is also called “Ashi-mune”.

Depending on the size, there are from none to three layers, but it's not the case that the more the better, but the overall balance is important.


Among kendo armor, the Do has a lot to do with the impression you get when you wear it, and you can often choose the color of the Do-dai, Many people may have an image of "I want this kind of Do!".

However, as I introduced above, there are various differences in the Do other than the color of the Do-dai, and if you understand these things, the range of Do choices will expand further.

Welcome to the profound world of kendo armor.

I hope you find this article helpful.

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