KENDO KOTE-Japanese traditional product[Made by Craftsman]


In fact, there are very few kendo equipment made in Japan even in Japan, and the traditional produced by craftsmen are out of the question.

Kendo is a traditional Japanese martial art, and practicing it with traditional tools is of great value.

On this page, I will introduce one of such valuable product, the KODAMA KOTE.

Mr. Kodama is a craftsman who makes Kotes in Tokyo.

Mr. Kodama, who is the second generation, is a craftsman who has been making traditional Kotes for a long time.
He is supported by many kendo practitioners because of his cheerful personality and serious work.

Due to his advanced age, his works cannot be said to be of low rarity.

Characteristic of the KODAMA KOTE

Long futon

There was a time when short kote became popular in order to reduce the probability of being hit in a match.
But that's not a good thing in kendo, which aims to grow in mind.

The KODAMA KOTE has a old-fashioned slightly longer kote futon, and there is a feeling that your arm is sufficiently protected.

In addition, it looks very beautiful.


It is sturdy and can be used for a long time (Of course, it is a prerequisite to handle it with care).

It has a lot of padding, so it protects your fist from blows.

You can enjoy the beauty of the elegant color fading of the indigo dye.

Gripping shape

Three-dimensional tailoring allows you to hold shinai correctly.

Product gallery

Product gallery




I would like people who are learning kendo outside of Japan to know about these wonderful traditions.

Thank you!