Kendo armor specifications – Tare –


Kendo armor have various specifications.

It reflects the commitment and ingenuity of the creator, but it's also interesting to think about your favorite specifications of the kendo armor.

Please use this article as a reference when you purchase kendo armor.

Dan-kazari -row of ornamental threads-

It's not the case that the more Dan-kazari, the better.

If you are of average height, the more Dan-kazari, the shorter the futon will be, and the overall balance will be lost.

Also, if the spacing between Dan-kazari is narrowed, that part will become hard, making it difficult to create a natural curve.

The size of Tare varies depending on the height of the wearer, so it's best to choose the number of Dan-kazari that best balances the size.

Manufacturing methods

As with Men-dare, there is a difference in how to make Tare.

Sewing type

It's a sewing type that sews the same width from end to end of Tare futon.
This stitching method is often used for fine stitching futon.

〈Gaku-zashi〉-picture frame stitch-
It's same as Gunome-zashi.
It's called this way because the center stands out like a picture frame ("Gaku" is picture frame in Japanese).

With this method, futon with wide stitches look beautiful, and the tightness of the futon makes it easier to create a beautiful silhouette.

In this method, the left and right Tare are sewn diagonally according to the direction of the bend.
Because of its distinctive appearance, it's rarely used in high-end armor.

Treatment of edges

Usually, the edges of Tare are bound with leather, but there is a way not to attach it.

It's lighter because there is no edge leather, and it looks simple.

Although it's a time-consuming sewing method, it looks "light", so it may be said that it's slightly inferior in terms of style.


As with Men, there are different types of leather decorations for the various parts of Tare, but it's recommended that you choose one that you won't get tired of even if you use it for a long time.

In addition, there's a difference in how to stich the leather decoration under Dan-kazari.


It's a method of attaching leather decorations to the sewn futon, and this method makes the design of the leather stand out.


It's a method that leather and futon are sewn together in the same way as on Men, so you can enjoy a unique texture.


In this article, we have looked at the detailed specifications of Tare.

Some of you reading this may find it difficult to obtain kendo armor, so please use this as a reference when purchasing.

It's a dream for all Kendo practitioners to be able to practice with their favorite armor.

Welcome to the profound world of kendo armor.

I hope you find this article helpful.

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